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Meaningful interiors ... It's personal

Life is evolving at such a speed it’s difficult to keep up with the fast pace of life - your home is your sanctuary.  Make it somewhere that is a reflection of you. My main aim is to create spaces to enhance emotional well-being. I’ve spent years going into spaces and instantly feeling something - my gut instinct - how it makes me feel - these instincts are the foundations I’ve built home by hannah on.

We’re all looking for ways to feel connected… be it through relationships with loved ones and friends, places that make us feel happy - the relationship we have with our homes and how they make us feel completely fascinates me.  It’s about pieces that mean something to you - it’s personal -  trends are fluid but special pieces help us feel connected to our space. I meet my clients, get to know them, how they live and how they want their space to feel - calm, cosy, energised and how to incorporate their treasured pieces into schemes.  


Your home...your wellbeing

Gaston Bachelard, a French Philosopher believed that houses and rooms could be viewed as “…tools for analysis of the human soul. Simply put, the kitchen symbolises nurturing, the bathroom purification, the bedroom renewal, and the living room reflect one's relation to culture.” Bachelard believes that the house is made out of memories and experiences - our consciousness is a direct product of the heart and soul. The house, the most intimate of all spaces, “protects the daydreamer and therefore understanding the house is a way to understand the soul.”  

“How we take root, day after day, in a corner of the world.” Gaston Bachelard. These foundations/ roots ground us and help us feel connected to our homes.


My Services

£50 consultation for 2 hours - I'll create a design brief based around how you live, your budget and how you want your home to feel.

This may be all you require.

£100 full design scheme per room - I'll create a mood board including everything you need to transform your room.  I will provide costings, and recommend retailers and trades.  My goal is to save you money and cover my fee. 


Samples will be charged if needed.  


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